5201 S Cornell

Welcome to the Fan Coil Registration Page for 5201 S Cornell

Unilux Suite Solutions is pleased to offer replacement fan coils for your condominium. For more information about the product and process, please refer to the Fan Coil Retrofit Package (new presentation).

For any questions feel free to contact us at 800-337-3967, or info@uniluxsuitesolutions.com, or visit our website at www.uniluxsuitesolutions.com.


Fan Coil Retrofit Package (Click here)

What is a fan coil?

A vertical fan coil is a type of HVAC system commonly found in high-rise residential buildings. They deliver excellent comfort to individual zones allowing suite owners to select their own comfort settings.

Fan coils consist of two critical components – a fan and a coil. The hot or coil water in your coil conditions air to be warm or cool. The fan circulates air in your suite. The fan draws air in through the access panel in your suite and redistributes air through wall-mounted grilles.